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Intentional Partnerships


Why Partner?

Both internally and with the world outside of our organization, we are deeply committed to relationship and community as a key principle in everything we do. As a non-profit, we exist only through the grace and generosity of our partners and funders.


And, as an institution of social justice and change, we are selective in who we choose to partner with. Our mission is not simply to "develop tech talent” (though we do reliably produce that result), but to develop young human beings who are both highly competent digital-era workers AND who are effective and self-aware agents of change.

We are ever eager to be in dialog and partnership with other agencies, school districts, and business who are committed to a future where the economic needs of our corporations and the human needs of our communities and residents are not seen as being in competition, but fundamentally interdependent.  

Our Partners

We are always looking for partners and sponsors to help maximize our impact. If you are interested in partnership, please reach out to us.

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