trans·​form | \ tran(t)s-ˈfȯrm  \

transformed; transforming; transforms


  1. to undergo a change in form, appearance, or character; become transformed


Careers are being transformed by
digital technology

Society is being transformed by a desire for 
humanity, equality, and community

District Arts and Education prepares individuals to be agents of both of these transformations.



DAE Digital 

DAE Digital is focused on attracting and motivating under-represented groups, particularly young people, to engage in creative learning infused with technology.




DAE Human

DAE Human is focused on developing the skills and tools required to build, and thrive in, radically inclusive and creative communities and workplaces—including both personal and interpersonal effectiveness and systems-change frameworks.

DAE Presents

Live music from local artists. 


Michelle, Student

Holberton has provided technical and professional training while helping me realize I really am capable and that I can create a successful future for myself. 

Mo, Student

When I step foot on campus, I know I’m at a place that is only going to make me better—nothing tops my experience here.


Jenny, Student

The sense of community and camaraderie is truly what keeps me engaged and accountable. 


Jose, Student

I’ve been in the program for 9 months and have not been disappointed. Holberton has helped me progress my career much faster than if I had chosen a different route.