A digital-literate and human-centric workforce and culture

Provide educational, developmental, and creative opportunities that serve as a catalyst for transformation in the lives of individuals and communities that have historically been excluded and overlooked. 

This is accomplished through two schools that span skill levels from novice to mastery: 

  • DAE Digital (School of Technology)

  • DAE Human (School of Human Literacy)


Art is Central to the Human Experience:
Art is a fundamental aspect of what it is to be human. Instead of being a form of entertainment or distraction from “real work,” a rigorous relationship with art is the source of renewal and reinvention for individuals, communities, and organizations.

Life is a Team Sport:
“Rugged individualism” is a myth tied up with incentives to greed and dominance. But all living systems are just that—systems. And parts of a living system only have sustainable success when the whole system remains healthy. 

Everyone and Everything Belongs:
A fixed view of life and work leads to a sense that some things and people are not useful or important. But the acknowledgement of constant change highlights that everything and everyone is a source of value and creative potential.

Enough is a Feast:
The inherent value of more, bigger, faster is an unexamined assumption in all aspects of life and work. But healthy systems operate under a principle of “enough”—taking and using only what can be productively used.

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