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Welcome to EVERYdae

When's the right time to find your community? EVERYdae. When's the right time to play with robotics or build a video game or code a website? EVERYdae.  When's the right time to just hang out in a supportive space and read, play games, or work on.... whatever it is you love working on? EVERYdae! Whether you're exploring tech for the first time, working on the next killer app, or participating in our unique flash events, there's something happening EVERYdae.

What is EVERYdae?

EVERYdae is a program designed for students in New Haven to explore tech and make the most of their summer. We offer a variety of daily activities, special events, and opportunities to find your community and build your skills. Whether you're interested in building websites, creating circuits, designing your own video game, harnessing the power of AI, or just finding likeminded new friends, EVERYdae has something for you!

Every day at EVERYdae


TUE-THUR : 3-7 pm

(Closed between June 14th and 25th) 

TUE-THUR : 11-3 pm

(Beginning June 25th)



Public Holidays

Please note that some special activities and events may still occur on closed days. Check our calendar regularly for updates. 

Our daily schedule is packed with engaging activities. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

Explore & Build

Access dae's library of technology and build your own website, circuits, videogames, and more!

Community & Play

Spend your time with likeminded folks, find your people, and dig into a variety of VR games, and board games. Or try to beat our reigning ping pong champ Kay Pinky.


Special Flash Events

Keep an eye out for our Flash Events! These surprise events are announced throughout the summer and offer unique experiences you won't want to miss. From pop-up concerts to exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, Flash Events add an extra layer of excitement to your EVERYdae summer.

Join us for special pop-ups across New Haven!

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Ready to Join the Fun?

Sign up now and be part of EVERYdae this summer! Spaces are limited, so don't miss your chance to experience the best summer program in the city.

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