Whether you're interested in exploring new ways to think about, approach, and solve challenges, or looking to start a career in tech, we've got something for you! 

Available for individuals ages 16+ | Beginning March 15


In today's sharing economy, everyone has something valuable to contribute — what will you create?


Each track below consists of two distinct two-week courses that meet twice a week. You'll also have additional opportunities to learn more, get clarification on subjects covered in previous sessions, and access more resources. 

Define and Design 

Discover and Develop

Define and Design encourages the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and presentation skills while also reinforcing the effectiveness of using a structured problem-solving approach in learning and life.


Designing Solutions: By identifying a real world challenge, working with others to dig deeper, and brainstorming relevant solutions, you'll gain various skills including: 

  • Design Thinking

  • Collaboration 

  • Ideation

  • Prototyping

Defining Career Transitions: Start thinking about you and your unique contribution to the world, and how that relates to various career options, to design a personal transition plan and better understand:

  • Successful Self-reflection

  • Career Path Exploration and Planning

  • Consistent Self-evaluation 

  • How to Develop Accountability and Resilience 

Discover and Develop promotes the development of the digital and problem-solving skills needed for life, work, and technology—including time management, resilience / grit, and teamwork.


Discovering Code — Starting from SCRATCH: Through a game-based approach to learning, using the SCRATCH programming language, you'll gain an understanding of:

  • Coding Basics

  • Difference Between Coding and Scripting

  • Video Game, Art, Story, and Music Design

  • Character Development 

Developing a Website — From Code to Web: Build a personal website, and exploring various developer tools, to acquire the skills needed to navigate and implement: 

  • HTML

  • CSS Styling 

  • Basic Web Design 

  • Website Testing and Functionality 

Available for individuals ages 16+ | Beginning March 15

Programming workshops specifically for individuals ages 18+ are also available. Click here to request more information.

As part of DAE's mission to create career training and access for historically and systematically under-resourced communities, these foundational programs are free of tuition and fees. For 2021, this project was made possible by the support of CTNext and the New Haven Innovation Collaborative, along with Avangrid Foundation