DAE Human is focused on developing the skills and tools required to build, and thrive in, radically inclusive and creative communities and workplaces—including both personal and interpersonal effectiveness and systems-change frameworks.

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[un]stuck is a series of weekly conversations and interviews about reframing the relationship between digital and human

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*Curriculum offered in partnership with U of Next, a consulting and education firm that has spent over 25 years developing leaders who create a future that the past says is impossible.




Innovation and Future Making: Innovation, creativity, and leadership are not special gifts that only a few possess - nor are they something that can be learned through traditional classroom experiences.

Our I.F. (Innovation & Future-making) programs are grounded in 25+ years of work with leaders in companies like Pfizer, IBM, and Facebook – as well as with social entrepreneurs and startups – in creating Breakthrough, in creating a Future that the Past says is Impossible™.

Contact us for additional details and registration information for the 13-week session of Innovation and Future Making. If you’re interested in the full 2-year accredited Masters in Leadership program, please click here.


inRelationship: In an era of fragmentation, acceleration, and overwhelming complexity, individuals, organizations, and communities that are committed to creating healthy, sustainable lives, careers, and organizations must learn that Everything Happens in Relationship™. Our inRelationship programs develop managers, educators, parents – anyone committed to supporting the development of others – in tools, skills, and practices developed over 25 years in hundreds of settings that build interdependency and deep interpersonal connection.

This program is designed for already established groups such as organizations, schools, and local communities. Contact us for additional details and registration information.


Calm-trepreneur: Mental states are both “contagious” and self-reinforcing. In the high-stimulation, always-connected society we've created, the consequence is that a momentary stressor can quickly spiral and overtake one's experience and, over time, become a pattern of negative emotional states. Our Calm-trepreneur programs proceed from the premise that a state of calm and balance can be cultivated with the same rigor and effectiveness that is brought to business or educational outcomes. Programs provide both “triage” approaches as well as long-term strategies for maintaining a state of calm and focus in the face of changing external conditions and stressors.

This program is designed for already established groups such as organizations, schools, and local communities. Contact us for additional details and registration information.


ProduceU: Communicating your ideas, your vision, your unique perspective has always been a critical skill - what’s changed is the medium and purpose of communication. PowerPoint, printed brochures, and other static tools have been rapidly replaced by audio and video and the ability persuade/convince an audience has been replaced by the ability to be in a long-term conversation with a community. Our ProduceU programs develop your ability to explore, express, and fully produce your story, including developing mastery of the tools required to create long-term platforms (podcasts, YouTube channels, etc).

ProduceU can be completed through two, one and a half-day weekend intensives or six evening sessions over 13 weeks.

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