*Curriculum offered in partnership with U of Next, a consulting and education firm that has spent over 25 years developing leaders who create a future that the past says is impossible.

U of Next’s M.A. degree is offered through The Graduate Institute, an accredited educational institution in CT focused on graduate education in emerging fields.



Is there some idea, vision, or possibility in your world that meets these four criteria:

  • It is not possible within the current reality

  • It is bigger than your own self-interest, but includes your self-interest

  • If created, it will outlive you

  • It makes your heart sing

If so, our Leadership program was designed for you. For 15 years, we have developed individuals from large global corporations, small businesses, non-profits, schools, and churches...as well as social/community activists, consultants, medical professionals, and individuals who are simply seeking to use their lives for something bigger than what they’ve used it for in the past. Where they came from didn't matter. What they did in the past didn’t matter. What they knew or were skilled at didn't matter. What mattered was that they were committed to something in their lives that met the four criteria - or were committed to finding and declaring some new possibility that met the criteria. In other words, they were committed to expressing their Leadership.


If you're ready to explore and express your Leadership, to create something in the world that is transformative, we invite you to join our community.


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