DAE Digital is focused on attracting and motivating under-represented groups, particularly young people, to engage in creative learning infused with technology. 

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[un]stuck is a series of weekly conversations and interviews about reframing the relationship between digital and human

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These interactive workshops provide hands-on learning and a safe space to explore new ways to think about, approach, and solve challenges—and even start a new career. Everything you learn can be applied to your current and future learning, passion projects, and career. 

Choose your track below—or complete both—and learn by doing! 

Define and Design

Define and Design: Define and Design encourages the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and presentation skills while also reinforcing the effectiveness of using a structured problem-solving approach in learning and life.

Discover and Develop

Discover and Develop: Discover and Develop promotes the development of the digital and problem-solving skills needed for life, work, and technology—including time management, resilience / grit, and teamwork.



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